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Vital Seconds: The Importance of Accessible Emergency Care Near You

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Vital Seconds: The Importance of Accessible Emergency Care Near You

Best Private Hospitals in Bahrain | AlSalam

When someone suffers a heart attack or life-threatening injury, their health relies on the immediate care provided within the first hour. In medical terminology, the golden hour is the period within which one must reach the hospital for emergency care after a life-threatening health issue or injury. It is important to locate the best private hospitals in Bahrain for emergency care in Bahrain to ensure timely treatment during such critical situations.

Why do you need to identify the best hospital in Bahrain for emergency care?

Minimizes devastating impact on health condition

Quality emergency care from a good private hospital in Bahrain can reduce the devastating impact of health complications.
Usually, after a heart attack or a stroke, the initial 60 to 90 minutes is very crucial. The quality of emergency care the patient receives during this period can determine the patients health condition. Beyond this golden hour, affected parts or organs could be adversely and irreversibly damaged causing permanent impairment to the patient.

Quality first aid

Also, it is pertinent to identify a good critical care hospital that is equipped to handle all types of emergencies.

That is why, it is advisable to identify a private hospital in Bahrain that offers 24/7 emergency care with all necessary medical equipment and diagnostic tools and has doctors on call at all times.
The emergency care services at Al Salam Specialist – Best Private Hospitals in Bahrain offer advanced technology and well-qualified doctors and health specialists for the care of patients who require time-sensitive treatments.

Economic value of emergency care

Another important aspect of emergency care in hospitals is that it is cost-effective. Inefficient emergency care can lead to the wastage of resources and high mortality rates. In fact, research shows the economic value of emergency care.

So, how does quality emergency care become a cost-effective mechanism for the economy?

Immediate medical intervention can reduce the rate of deaths considerably, thereby reducing the burden on the State. In fact, realizing the importance of emergency care in countries, The World Health Organisation passed Resolution 60.22 in 2007 “Health Systems: Emergency Care Systems” which called upon Governments to strengthen emergency care services around the world.

Provides Peace of mind

Identifying a good emergency care hospital in Bahrain and knowing that you have access to the best critical care in case of an emergency, gives you peace of mind.  A medical emergency can occur anywhere and anytime. The crux is to receive quality care within the golden hour.  Therefore, it is important to identify a good private hospital near you in Bahrain that offers state-of-the-art emergency care services.

24/7 access to medical treatment

A good emergency care hospital offers 24/7 access to medical care. Sudden heart attacks, strokes, or accidents do not come with warning signs and can therefore happen any time of the day. Having a good 24/7 critical care hospital to rush to can be a lifesaver.


Al Salam Specialist Hospital in Bahrain has top-notch emergency care services in Bahrain. We also offer the best critical care with our advanced diagnostic equipment and 24/7 on-call specialist doctors and nurses. We provide quality services in the critical care room, from quick diagnosis to immediate treatment plans. Al Salam Care is regarded as the best private hospital in Bahrain for emergency care.  Our core leadership team comprises well-qualified doctors and healthcare   professionals. They provide top-class critical care for all emergencies.

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