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Advantages of Tele consultation in Bahrain

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Advantages of Tele consultation in Bahrain

Advantages of Tele consultation in Bahrain

The recent pandemic saw a paradigm shift in the way hospitals managed their services. The best hospital in Bahrain adopted new methods of providing superior services to patients. It was at this time that teleconsultations became the most approved means of communication between doctors and patients.

So what is a teleconsultation?

Tele-consultation is a health check-up through video conferencing. Although tele consultations were widely rampant during the pandemic, many top hospitals in Bahrain continue to offer these services to patients.

This video conferencing or online method of consulting a doctor has several advantages.

Advantages of tele consultations

Benefit of Convenience

Tele consultations in Bahrain offer the benefit of convenience to patients. This means that patients residing in remote areas or locations that are not easily accessible can still receive quality health care from the best hospitals in Bahrain.


Also, online health checkups allow patients to sit in the comfort of their own homes while still receiving quality specialist advice from the doctor.

No long waiting period

Another advantage of online consultations is that the patient need not wait for long periods in the waiting room of the hospital.

Patients can sit in their own homes while waiting for the video consultation.

Control the spread and transmission of infections

When patients enter a hospital they are at risk of contracting infectious diseases from other patients and vice versa. However, with teleconsultations patients can remain within the safety of their own homes without fear of contracting any contagious infection from the hospital.

Less effort

Video medical consultations do not require patients to make the effort to come to the hospital for minor check-ups. The less effort and energy a patient uses will result in more saved energy and better recovery.

Frequent consultations

With online consultations, it is possible to have more consultations with your doctor than walk-in consultations. Al Salam Care, the best hospital in Bahrain, offers tele consultation for the convenience of its patients.

Cost saving

Although consultations online and in-person may cost the same, patients can save money required to travel to the hospital and back, thereby saving costs.

Best for minor infections

One of the most important advantages of tele consultations is that it is the best solution for advice on small or minor infections that do not require a thorough physical examination by the doctor.

Improved doctor-patient communication

Online doctor consultations improve communication between the doctor and the patient. While some patients may not be able to fully express themselves in front of the doctor and the nurse or assistant, online consultations can be more personal, allowing the patient to fully express himself/herself to the doctor.

Access to a specialist doctor

Another advantage of tele consultations in Bahrain is the access to specialist doctors who may not otherwise be available in the patient’s area.

Tele-consultations provide patients with access to specialist doctors for treatment for precise issues or diseases.


One of the best hospital in Bahrain, Al Salam Specialist Hospital offers tele-consultation services to patients. Patients can now enjoy online consultations with their preferred doctors at Al Salam Care.

At Al Salam Care we offer superior medical support and reliable care to patients. Our team of highly qualified doctors provides prompt diagnostic assessments making us one of the most preferred hospitals in Bahrain.

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