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Dr. Mohamed Al Sowaidi


Dr. Hani AlSaati


Dr. Abdulrahim Sayed


Dr. Suhair Al Saad


Dr. Latifa Al Buainain


Dr. Hesham Al Hussaini


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Our Services

1. Repairing all types of hernias

2. Cholecystectomy

3. Thyroid operations

4. Pilonidal fistula operations

5. Removal of cancerous tumors

6. Removal of benign breast tumors

7. Minor operations under local anesthesia

8. Dealing with emergency situations

9. Gastroscopy and colonoscopy

10. Gastrointestinal surgery

11. Rectal and colon surgery

12. General surgery for children

13. Laparoscopic surgeries

14. Obesity surgery

15. Neonatal circumcision

16. Treatment and removal of hair cysts

17. Surgical and laparoscopic removal of the appendix.

18. Anal operations (hemorrhoids – anal fissure – anal fistula)

19. Ingrown toenail operations

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