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Top 10 essential tips for choosing the right pediatrician for your child

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Top 10 essential tips for choosing the right pediatrician for your child

Best Pediatrician in Bahrain | Alsalam Specialist Hospital

It is a known fact that every parent will want only the best for their child.
Whether it is choosing the perfect school or finding the best pediatrician in Bahrain, every parent is unanimous.
We understand your need, as a parent, to find the best doctor for your child. To help you in your quest to find the right pediatrician, we have enumerated the top 10 essential tips for choosing the best pediatrician for your child.


Recommendations and suggestions from other parents is an important tip for selecting the best pediatrician in Bahrain. Speak with other parents of children and find out which doctor they visit and what they like about the doctor. Learning from the experiences of other parents helps you to understand the
different types of child-friendly doctors in the city.

Qualification and experience of doctor

You must feel comfortable entrusting your child’s health in the hands of your doctor. Choose a highly experienced and well-qualified doctor for your child. The more qualified and experienced your doctor is the more calm you will feel.

Consider the child’s comfort level

Remember, it is finally your child who will be receiving the treatment from the doctor. It is important that your child is comfortable with the doctor and is open to receiving the treatment.

The best pediatricians in Bahrain will ensure a great rapport with the child, reassuring the child, and making the child feel comfortable.

Consultation timings

Before you decide on your child’s pediatrician, remember to find out the doctor’s consulting hours. It’s a good idea to select a pediatrician in Bahrain that is available on call 24/7.

Waiting period

Sitting for long hours in the clinic, and waiting for the doctor can be a tiring process, especially if your child is crying and in pain. Find out from the front desk of the clinic about the waiting period.
Choose a hospital or clinic that has a good patient-to-doctor ratio. This can ensure a short waiting time at the hospital.

Proficient with the latest medical practices

The medical field is always improving and advancing. Pediatricians in Bahrain must always keep themselves abreast with the latest methods of treatment. Choose a child specialist in Bahrain who is well acquainted with modern health management.

Preferably attached to specialty hospitals

It is advisable to select a doctor who is attached to a good specialty hospital in Bahrain. This makes it convenient for your child’s doctor to immediately treat any health issue on the same premises. It also saves you the trouble of running from pillar to post and visiting different hospitals to treat different ailments.

Hospital/clinic amenities

Look for a child specialist in Bahrain who is attached to a state-of-the-art specialty hospital. The hospital must have ultra-modern facilities with advanced medical equipment and futuristic health care.

Convenience of Location

For a parent, getting immediate help for your sick child is most important. You want to be sure that you can reach the hospital or doctor’s clinic in the least possible time. Therefore, selecting a pediatrician in Bahrain who is conveniently located is paramount.
Additionally, you want to make sure that the doctor’s premises have ample parking space. You don’t want to end up looking for parking spaces all over town for that one consultation.

Hygienic environment

Another important aspect to consider before you select a good pediatrician is to ensure a clean and hygienic environment. You do not want your child to be exposed to an unhygienic environment while you wait at the clinic.


Find the best pediatrician in Bahrain only at Al Salam Specialist Hospital. The hospital is conveniently located in Riffa and has a large parking space for visitors and patients.
The hospital has a state-of-the-art pediatrics department with all the latest medical facilities and amenities. Additionally, the hospital has a modern neonatal intensive care unit for the critical care of newborn babies.
Al Salam Hospital in Bahrain has emergency 24/7 services and is regarded as one of the best hospitals for pediatric care.

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